Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist


Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist is a 320 page book that is chock full of tips, hints, helps, suggestions and how-to-do-it information for TMG v5x.  Edited by Lee Hoffman with 15 chapters authored by Richard Brogger, Jim Byram, John Cardinal, Jeff Clenard, Robin Lammacraft. Allen Mellen, Terry Reigel, and Dorothy Turner. The fifteen chapters are:

                        Project Management
                        Importing Data
                        Customizing the Program
                        Customizing the Data
                        Sentence Structures
                        Controlling Narrative Reports
                        Customizing Reports
                        Filtering and Sorting
                        Multimedia and Exhibits
                        Generating Charts for Use in Visual Chartform
                        Working With Charts in Visual Chartform
                        Exporting Data

In addition to all the information in these chapters, there are seven Appendices that also have a log of useful information for the user.  These are:

                        Standard Tags & Sentences
                        Sentence Variables and Codes
                        Standard Source Categories
                        Standard Source Groups and Source Elements
                        Standard Source Elements
                        TMG5 and GEDCOM File Export Comparison

The retail price of the book is $24.95.  It is available on-line through Wholly Genes web store, a few genealogy book stores, and via

Dealers may contact:  Lee H. Hoffman 
                                  410 Nevada Ave.
                                  Mt. Sterling, KY  40353-1036 

10 Jan 2005 -

The question has been asked if there with be an updated edition now that TMG v6.0 has been released.  At this time, we do not expect to publish an updated version of the book.  While TMG v6.0 does contain some new features, the majority of the features of the program are still covered by the book.  Possibly, in the future, if a new release of TMG is made, we may consider a new edition at that time.  Until then, we think that most people will still benefit from the book in its present form.

Lee H. Hoffman

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