FTST-L and TMG-L Archives

Many subscribers to the TMG and FTST Mailing Lists (TMG-L and FTST-L) have asked if the messages are archived, and if so, how to access them.  Actually, there are two archives each for TMG-L & FTST-L.  One contains all messages for the TMG list since it began (some six years ago on the Doit.com server) and the other contains all messages since the TMG list moved to the RootsWeb.com servers and since the FTST list started on RootWeb.  The Doit.com archives contained mostly the messages for TMG-L that addressed questions about the DOS and early Windows versions of TMG.  Since these versions have been update to the TMG v4x and now to v5x, it is not considered worthwhile to move them for search and browsing access, so only the RootsWeb archives are now available.

RootsWeb Archive Access Procedures

The TMG List support page may be found at http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Software/TMG.html.  This tells how to subscribe and unsubscribe to the List and Digest modes of the TMG Mailing List.  It also give access to two archive searching methods - Interactive Search and the Browse method.

The FTST List support may be found at http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Software/FTST.html and gives similar information as described above.

The archives may be found for browsing on the web by pointing your browser at http://newsarch.rootsweb.com/th/index/TMG or http://newsarch.rootsweb.com/th/index/FTST.  When there, select the month and year of the messages you wish to find.  A list of all the messages for that month will be displayed.  This list will be the Subject header of each message and will be in thread sequence.  You may select to re-display the listing using the thread sequence or chronological sequence.  Either way, you may also have the listing display the date of the message, and/or the sender of the message.

You may also search the archive interactively by pointing your browser at http://listsearches.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/listsearch.pl?list=TMG or http://listsearches.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/listsearch.pl?list=FTST.  Select a year to search, enter a query and click on the Search button. Those messages that match the query will be displayed.  You may view a matching message by clicking on the appropriate Select option.  I would suggest using the Full or Message-Body options.  The other options may also provide information but are less likely to be of interest to you.  Use your Browser's Back button to return to the list of messages that match your query.


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