Linda Kralman-Lambert's

TMG Hot Key Flash Cards

These hot keys will cover all versions of TMG through v4x with some minor exceptions
as noted below.  The differences will be only for v4.0 as noted.

(Note: With some exceptions, these will also apply to TMG v5.x. and v6.x)

Function Keys


Control + Letter

Hot Key Use   Hot Key Use
F1 Help File   Ctrl + A Accent
Ctrl + F1 Help Index - Top   Ctrl + B Add Birth Tag
Alt + F1 Help Index - Bottom   Ctrl + C (O if v4.0) System Configuration
F2 Pick List   Ctrl + D Add Death Tag
F2 (two times) Pick List Speed Entry   Ctrl + F Family View
F3 Repeat Data in Field   Ctrl + G Toggle Surety/Age
Ctrl + F3 List of Last 15 Entries   Ctrl + H Add History Tag
F4 New Record   Ctrl + I Go to ID#
F5 Edit Record   Ctrl + K Set Bookmark
F6 Delete Record   Ctrl + L Last View/Spellcheck
F7 Memo   Ctrl + M Add Marriage Tag
F8 Mark/Generate   Ctrl + N Add Name Tag
F10 Done/Save   Ctrl + P Person View
F11 Calendar   Ctrl + R Check Relationship
F12 Research Log   Ctrl + S Toggle Date/Sort Date
Ctrl + F12 Exhibits   Ctrl + T Tree View
* Toggle Primary Mark   Ctrl + U Add Burial Tag
Ctrl + PgUp Previous Picklist Entry   Ctrl + X Toggle Tag Box
Ctrl + PgDn Next Picklist Entry   Home Return to Last Bookmark

Adding New Persons


Special Characters

Hot Key*




Key Combination

Alt + P(or A) / U Unrelated (New Record)   Alt + 0228
Alt + P(or A) / O Spouse   Alt + 0235
Alt + P(or A) / S Son   Alt + 0239
Alt + P(or A) / D Daughter   Alt + 0246
Alt + P(or A) / B Brother   Alt + 0252
Alt + P(or A) / T Sister   Alt + 0241
Alt + P(or A) / F  ** Father      
Alt + P(or A) / M ** Mother      
* Holding the Alt key and either pressing P (v3.7 & before) or pressing A(v4.0 & later) brings down a drop-down menu.  Then press the desired letter for the individual being added.

** To add a Father/Mother (in the Person View) without going to a new display, press Alt + E (father) or Alt + M (mother).  After the parent is added, the display will remain on the original person.

  When entering special characters, hold the Alt key and (using the ten key pad) enter each number in order.   Release the Alt key and the special character will appear.

Refer to TMG Help (F1)  for other special characters.



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