Getting the Most Out of 

The Master Genealogist

Edited by 

Lee H. Hoffman


The following typographical errors were missed during final editing of the first printing.  Please correct your copy.  The asterisk (*) indicates a possible needed correction within TMG itself. 

(Note: The corrections have been made to the Second Printing of the book with the exception of the items in bold.)

Page Column Location Incorrect entry Correct Entry
5 Right Dates topic Remove " in" from "2nd Sunday after Trinity in 1709" to read  "2nd Sunday after Trinity 1709"
14 Left First Sentence under "Training" Change "leaning" to read "learning" "There is nothing quite like learning ...."
55 Right Sentence below Figure 4-42 Change "[Okay]" to "'[OK]" "... click on [OK]."
65 Left Next to last paragraph "Master Place List" entries are incorrect "Master Style List"
72 Right Next to last paragraph, next to last sentence Change "he" to "the" "... Structure for that tag it will appear to the right of the button."
74 Left First paragraph, last sentence Remove apostrophe "... each Witness has its own Individual..."
75 Right above the "Name Variables for Witnesses" section Delete the last paragraph and the two lines above it starting with the paragraph fragment below: 

"produces the format of the name that you have in mind from Table 6-2."

81 Left last paragraph, second sentence Delete first occurrence of "options"  "...definitions have three options..."
85 Left third paragraph, second sentence under Spaces Delete "to" " you can safely include them...
104 Left last, 2nd sentence Remove the second instance of  "using the" Also, if a report is generated using the ...
105 Left 2nd paragraph Change "an" to "and" ... Definition screen and link this ...
165 Right Last paragraph, starting with "The Pedigree Chart, General tab..." Delete the two entries ("Search ..." and "Spouse") above the Chart Type heading.  
165 Right Third from last line Chart Type Chart Style
166 Left Entire column continued to top of right column Delete column (including top of right column.  
177 Left filter, near top of page Add a right parentheses ")" between 1925 and AND 1925     )     AND
271 Right Place Variables - Latitude-Longitude field Change [L8] to [L9] [L9] or [LL] or [LATLONG]
271 Right Place Variables - Telephone field Change [L9] to [L8] [L8] or [LP] or [PHONE]
276 Title Change Title to Source Element Groups and Source Elements
* 281 Right DAR Genealogical Records Committee Report (DAR Library  Copy) Add colon to Short Footnote Source Template in [:ITAL] [ITAL:][SHORT TITLE][:ITAL]<, [CD]>.
* 284 Left Legal Case (Unpublished) Add right Conditional marker after the [CD] Source Element of the Full Footnote [ITAL:][FIRST PARTY][:ITAL] v. [ITAL:][SECOND PARTY][:ITAL], [RECORD INFO]<, [VOLUME]><: [CD]>, [REPOSITORY], [REPOSITORY ADDRESS].
285 Right Periodical (Issued on Multiple Series) Missing first part of the Full Footnote Source Template [AUTHOR], "[ARTICLE TITLE]," [ITAL:][TITLE][:ITAL]<, [SERIES]><, [VOLUME]>< ([DATE])><: [CD]><. Hereinafter cited as "[SHORT ARTICLE TITLE]">.
291 Right Third paragraph, last sentence Change "catharsis" to "catalyst"
293 Right Last sentence Change "lead" to "led"
297 Left Last index entries in the column Add index entry for "Caption" under "Exhibit"         Caption . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 190


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