Judge Edward Clay O'Rear



These pages were created within The Master Genealogist (TMG) program and are placed here as an example of what may be accomplished through that program.  The output of the program has been placed here within the blue lines of each page without any changes.  You may see a few instances in which some sentences may need a small amount of editing so that one sentence appears that it should be concatenated with a prior sentence.  With the release of TMG v7, this can be done and a future revision of this page will show that.

The Sentence Structures for an earlier version of these pages shows the Sentence Structure changes needed to produce the narrative.  Those interested in that may find it of interest.  While it does not exactly match the present narrative, TMG users may be able to learn something by reviewing it.  I will eventually update that page to match the current narrative when I get a chance to place the TMG v7 version here.

Individual Narrative

Table of Contents

Individual Narrative of Edward Clay O'Rear (2201)

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