TMGW Place Styles

The Place Style may be used to format the output for reports.  Labels of place fields may be customized and thus help remind the user what data should be entered into which place field.  The US Standard Place Style may be used for almost all places although the user may need to make adjustments o regarding what data is entered in which field and thus the Style may not be completely satisfactory.  Thus, the user may wish to create Custom Place Styles for more specific uses.  These may be for different countries, different geo-political units of a country, for specific business places, different styles for different time periods of a country, etc.  The following Custom Place Styles have been suggested by various users:


If you have created a Custom Style, let me know and I will post it here.  If your Custom Name or Place Style is different from the above, do let me know as I will note the differences.  These differences will allow everyone to see what others are using and may lead to discussion about the merits of each. This discussion may then result in a consensus for a de facto standard that most users will find helpful.


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