(Note: This was written for an early version of TMG but can be used for a  versions).


Below is a source indexing system I am now using for my genealogical sources.  It seems to be easy on look ups both in and out of the computer, and has a format that allows 2000 sources per source type.  There is also room for some expansion which will probably be needed.


Brief Tab No. Short Long Name

Baptismal Records

BAP 10001 10001 BAP Daryl C. Houk (1960-) 10001

Bible Records

BBL 12001 12001 BBL Daryl C. Houk (1960-) 12001

Books, Compiled Rec

BKC 14001 14001 BKC Shenandoah Gravesites 14001

Books, simple

BKS 18001 18001 BKS History of Moreland Gap 18001

Birth Certificates

BTH 20001 20001 BTH Daryl C. Houk (1960-) 20001

Bounty Land Rec

BTY 22001 22001 BTY Dave Grisham (1835-1903) 22001

Burial Records

BUR 24001 24001 BUR Dave Grisham (1835-1903) 24001

Cemetery Insc.

CEM 26001 26001 CEM Mission Cem, NM 26001

Census Extracts

CEN 28001 CEN Salathial Houk (1837-1900) 1900 28001

Deeds / Land etc

DED 3000 DED Salathial Houk (1837-1900) 1850 30001

Death Records

DTH 32001 DTH Salathial Houk (1837-1900) 32001


DVC 34001 34001 DVC Daryl Houk, Elizabeth Repening 34001

Family Group Sheet

FGS 36001    

Interview Transcripts

INT 38001  


Journal Articles

JNL 40001    

Lawsuit Records

LAW 42001    


LTR 44001    


MAN 46001    

Military Records

MLT 48001    

Marriages, Civil

MRC 50001    

Marriages, Religious

MRR 52001    

Newspaper Articles

NWS 54001    

Pension Roll

PEN 56001    


PIC 58001    

Probate Records

PRB 6001    

Ship Rolls

SHP 62001    

Tax Rolls

TAX 64001    

Vital Records NEHS

VIT 66001    


WIL 68001    

    Twenty-nine or so PendaFlex type file folders are made up with tabs, on the top of the tabs are large "brief" 3 digit descriptors above, below this is smaller "type" as above in order above. 

    Four file folders are made up and placed in front of these other 5th cut folders, labeled "Source Labels", "Sources for Source Entry", "Sources for Event Entry" and "Sources for Filing" in that order.

    Labels are printed for the sources using Avery 5267 return address labels, 80 per sheet.  On the top of the label in bold is printed BBB-TTTTT where B= brief 3 digit code, and T is the Tab number sequentially (10001, 10002 etc) for that label page and that type of source (29 or so pages).  Below this on the label is "Genealogical Source No." in smaller font.  The 3 digit alpha is NOT required, but helps when placing back in the folder.

    When sources are obtained, they go directly into K&M/Avery PV119 sheet protectors.  If there is more than one page they are bradded together in the center hole with a simple brass brad.  The next Tab No. available is placed center between the bottom and center holes and placed holes and Tab up in the file folder in sequential order.  If multi-sheets, the first page only is labeled.

    When entering information, since many sources have tidbits of information, I use a Visi Vise Water soluble marker on the protector to mark it off or make notes, later wiping it off when the source is completely entered through the first set of folders.  I have also found that using "dry erase" markers attack the protector, especially if left for a few days (happens to me all the time).

    On Books, etc, I usually place a handwritten extract or a photocopy of the cover page of the Item, as well as some repository information inside of a protector, this as well goes along with some other items.  [Ed. note:  This allows all TMG Sources to appear to be filed in the same place and point to the shelf or other location where the actual book may be located].

    Old photographs, I have used as sources, or as well as just collection numbers, and usually use Holson 4290210340 mini album, 3 ring type for 4X6, one photo per page with the Tab on top by the ring area.

    When digitizing information like documents or photos, etc, I use the 5 digit number as the filename, leaving three characters for other info (i.e. NNNNNR.tif for the Retouched version)

    This system works globally (multiple datasets) using the next sequential Tab found on the label sheet.  I have used one set of file folders for all datasets, and I have used one set of folders for each dataset (works better if you can afford it).

    On some genealogical programs, one is able to enter their own number as the source lookup info that does not change with any commands (unless directly and individually through the user), this is where I use the Tab numbers, or the Brief and Tab number. However some programs will not allow your own entry as the key lookup, this is where the short and long names are used in the non primary field.  Unfortunately with this latter method, it is sometimes hard to look up the source through the computer when citation is involved, and with multiple datasets, the same "generated" number is given by all for different sources.  I suppose one could write the number on the protector, and will ONLY work as long as the system will NEVER have the capability to renumber the sources. (However, using the short descriptors above in a field will help get back to ground zero).

    `This system works very well for me, but probably needs some improvements, especially on the type variations.  Everybody uses their own methods, and it is _no way_ an attempt to push a system on somebody else, it is just stating that "this is what I spent some time working on, something that works for me and I'd like to share"

    Any or All parts of this document may be distributed freely.

    Thank You

Submitted by:
      Daryl Houk
      20 Jan 1999


Ed. Note:
    The Short and/or Long Names above may be entered into the Source Definition or into the Source Citation in TMG as a cross-reference.  In later versions, the user may wish enter it in the Citation Reference field of the Source Citation.

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