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September 2007

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Getting the Most Out of

The Master Genealogist

Long requested by users of The Master Genealogist, this book is being made available to the users of The Master Genealogist (TMG) version 5.0.  This book edited and compiled by Lee H. Hoffman will help you achieve the full capabilities of TMG and will help you learn how to advance the research of your family history with The Master Genealogist. This program has been long used by many people to aid in the research, recording and publishing of family histories.  The versatility and flexibility of this very powerful program means that it may be used in a variety of ways from quite basic to the most demanding. This book will help you take advantage of the many features of TMG.

This book is written for users of The Master Genealogist, a genealogical database computer program.  The book is designed for those users who may be said to be somewhat experienced.  This experience might be with computers, genealogy or even with other genealogical database programs.  This almost fits every user of TMG from the person just buying it to the long time user.  Since TMG is a highly flexible program designed to help genealogists further their research, many users have more experience in some areas than in others and this is taken into account.

The editor, Lee Hoffman, is joined by a list of authors widely recognized as experts in the use of TMG.  They include:

Jim Byram Jeff Clenard Terry Reigel
Richard Brogger Robin Lamacraft Dorothy Turner
John Cardinal Allen Mellen

Each chapter will cover specific areas of The Master Genealogist suggesting ways in which the reader can use the program to better meet his needs through better understanding of the available tools.  It will discuss:  management of data (how it might best be entered and arranged, output of data (the different charts and reports), how data may be imported or exported for exchange with other researchers, research aids within the program and how they may help the reader. The book will also cover the chart options for the TMG companion program, Visual ChartForm (VCF), which will allow the user to produce useful and impressive wall charts.

The chapter layout of the book is as follows:

1  - Introduction.

9  - Controlling Narratives.

2  - Project Management.

10 - Customizing Reports.

3  - Import of Data.

11 - Filtering and sorting.

4  - Customizing the Program.

12 - Multimedia.

5  - Customizing the Data.

13 - Generating Charts For Use in Visual ChartForm.

6  - Sentence Structures.

14 - Working With Charts in Visual ChartForm.

7  - Sources.

15 - Export of Data (via GEDCOM and other file formats)

8  - Concepts.

Learn how to:

The Master Genealogist has been used for years by an ever-increasing number of users.  Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist allows you to join them and take control of the research and analysis of your family history. 

The authors help you understand how best to use those features to achieve the results you want.  You will quickly take command of the program's power as Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist will help you understand how to select and use the features   that can best record your research the way you want it recorded enabling you to produce the charts, reports, and even multimedia presentations that display your data as your prefer.

Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist is priced at $24.95 plus shipment and handling.  It may be ordered online through the Wholly Genes, Inc. web store and some bookstores.  Questions may be directed to: Lee Hoffman.  Shipment is expected to take six to eight weeks.

----- Notice -----       September 2007        ----- Notice -----

At this time, the printed version of Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist is out of print, is no longer available, and will not be re-printed.

 However, the book is now available as an electronic version in PDF with full text search capability.  The CD is still available through the Wholly Genes, Inc. web store.

Originally written for TMG version 5.0, it is still applicable to the current version of TMG.

A second edition of the printed version is planned but will not be available until probably the latter part of 2009..

 The Master Genealogist, TMG, and Wholly Genes are trademarks of Wholly Genes Inc. and are used by permission.

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