This article appeared in the Sep/Oct 2000 issue of Everton's Genealogical Helper.

The Master Genealogist Tips

By Lee H. Hoffman


Special Web Page Information. To continue a bit from the last issue, there may be times when you create a web page that you will want to point to another web page (either your own or someone else’s). For example, you have someone or some event that is in your dataset and on some other web page with more information than you have in your dataset. This is easy to do.

First, you would add an HTML tag to the person in your dataset where you want the pointer to exist. You could use any tag for this, but when you created reports other than for a web page, you might still have this tag printing which you probably would not want.  So with the HTML tag you could set the Report Definition to include it or not based on whether your output is to a web page or to another destination.  You may use the Sort Date to place the tag chronologically where you want it.  You would make an entry in the HTML Tag Memo field something like:
        See also the [HTML:]<A HREF="">
       TMG Tips website</A>[:HTML]

which would result a sentence on the web page like this:
       See also the TMG Tips website.

The underlined words above would display in the normal hyperlink color and when clicked on would cause the web browser to navigate to the desired page, i.e., <>.

New Features in TMG. By now most TMG users will have received the latest upgrade to the program and will have seen many of the new things found there.  Much of this upgrade is related to providing a flawless import of data for former users of the Ultimate Family Tree (UFT).  But there are other things as well.

Roles may now be defined for persons in any tag  (event) that a user wishes.  Each person associated with a tag (event) may be assigned a role and a specific sentence for that person may be created.

We have always been able to add Witnesses to tags in addition to the Principal(s) involved, now a role may be set for each person attached to the tag.  For example, in a Marriage tag, we have two Principals which may now be designated as Bride and Groom roles.   In addition, the Witnesses may be assigned roles specifying their involvement such as Best Man, Maid or Matron of Honor, Minister, Ring bearer, etc.

Each role may be designated with a minimum and maximum age and a gender.  So if you are adding a Witness as a Matron of Honor 

and happen to enter the wrong ID# (maybe this person ID# has the  same name as another person ID#), TMG can warn you that you have entered someone that would be too young or to old or is the wrong gender.  TMG will allow you to continue to add the one that caused the error if you wish.

Another new feature provides that the Citation Detail field may now be split into multiple parts much like the Memo fields of tags in the Tag or Witness Sentences.  To “split” the Citation Detail field, the user would decide how the citation (the Full Footnote or Short Footnote) would look and then enter the data in the Citation Detain field with each “split” field set apart for other parts using two adjacent vertical bar “|” characters (that is, “||”).  For example, a Federal Census (Filmed) Source has a default Template for the Full Footnote like:
     [REPOSITORY]< [FILM]><, [CD]>

which is designed to follow accepted models something like:
     Albert Hoffman household, 1900 U.S.Census Population
     schedule, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, ED 64, SD 10, Sheet 4, 
     dwelling 17, family 19, National Archives micropublication 
     T623, roll 545.

 So if you had a many citations from the same film roll with only the household and record information (ED, SD, Sheet, dwelling, and family) changing, you might want to have a single generic Source entered in the Master Source List and cite it as often as needed with the changing information in the Citation Detail field. Without being able to split the Citation Detail, the Full Footnote above might look like:
       1900 U.S.Census Population schedule, National Archives 
       micropublication T623, roll 545, Albert Hoffman household, 
       Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, ED 64, SD 10, Sheet 4, dwelling 17, 
      family 19.

While this contains the same information, if you enter the Citation Detail information as:
        Albert Hoffman household||Mt. Sterling, Kentucky||ED
        64, SD 10, Sheet 4, dwelling 17, family 19

and changing the Template to:
     [CD1],< [DATE]> [RECORD TYPE], [CD2]
     <, [CD3]>, [REPOSITORY]< [FILM]>

will print the citation as the accepted model requires.



Further information about The Master Genealogist can be obtained from Wholly Genes, Inc., 5144 Flowertuft Ct, Columbia, MD  21075,  on the TMG website <> or tollfree at 1-877-TMG-FAMILY.   TMG Tech Support is available at 1-410-715-2260 or by e-mail at <>.  More help is available on the TMG Tips website <>.

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