This article appeared in the Nov/Dec 2000 issue of Everton's Genealogical Helper.

The Master Genealogist Tips

By Lee H. Hoffman


Roles. Something new has been added to TMG in v4.0a to allow the user to define and assign a Role to a person for a specific tag.  For example, in the Marriage tag, there are already four Roles defined:  Principal, Witness, Bride, and Groom.  If you add a Marriage tag as usual, both persons assigned to the tag will have the default Role that was always used – Principal. But, you may designate one person with the Bride Role and the other with the Groom Role.

Now, suppose you have added the best man, the maid/matron of honor, and the minister as Witnesses. Again, this is no different than it was before, but now you may define some extra Roles for these persons – Best Man, Maid of Honor, Minister.  Each Role added to a tag will have its own default Sentence (which may still be altered when the tag is added to a person(s)). 

To add a Role, you will need to enter the Tag Type Definition Screen.  One way of doing this is to display the Tag Type List (click on the plus icon on the left).  Now highlight the desired tag Type and click on the Edit button.  In the lower left of the screen, Roles currently assigned to the Tag are displayed.

Click on the Add button below the Roles field to add a new Role and enter the name of the new Role, i.e., Best Man. When you click on the OK button, the Role will be added to the Roles box and highlighted.  The default Sentence for this Role will be displayed in the default Sentence field.  Click on the Sentence field and modify the Sentence as desired (i.e., from “[P] married [PO] <[PARO]> <[D]> <[L]>” to  “[R:Best Man] was the best man when [R:Groom] and [R:Bride] were married <[D]> <[L]>”. 

Note that the actual Role names are used in the Sentence to name a specific person. There are a number of ways you may enter the Role prefix (the “R” of “R:Groom”) to tell TMG how you want it to print the name.  You may tell TMG to print the full name, the person’s given name, the appropriate pronoun and other ways.  For a full explanation, see the CHANGES.TXT in the TMGW directory/folder after you install the v4.0a upgrade).

Now when you have many Witnesses to a tag, you may specify exactly which person to print in a sentence or in a particular part of the sentence.  For example, if you have the Marriage tag set with the following Roles: Bride, Groom, Best Man, Maid of Honor, and Minister, you could have the following sentence for the Groom:
          [R:Groom] married [R:Bride] <[PARO]> <[D]> <[L]>
         with [R:Best Man] as the Best Man, [R:Maid of 

           Honor] as the Maid of Honor, and [R:Minister] 
          as the Minister.

Which might print as:
         He married Jane Doe on 3 June 1978 at First
         Baptist Church, Jonesville, Kentucky, with Harry
         Jones as the Best Man, Mary Doe as the Maid of
         Honor and Rev. George Daniels as the Minister.

 Thus you have a will with many bequests, and with Roles you may specify each separate person named in the will.  Just be sure to create enough Roles to the Tag so that each person is assigned a different Role.

Short Place Names.   Many users have wanted to be able to print some charts/reports with the full place name and for other reports use an abbreviation.  This may now be done with the release of the TMGW v4.0a upgrade.  Certain reports (i.e., Pedigree Charts, Family Group Sheets) have a limited space in which a place may be printed.  Before the latest upgrade, you could designate which place fields would print and thus have some control.  But if the place data were longer than the available space, the place information would be truncated. 

With TMGW v4.0a, the user may designate which place fields would print in limited spaces, and may even enter the actual entry (including abbreviations, if desired). Thus, if the death occurred at:

  Sacred Heart Hospital, Sweetbriar, Fayette County, Nevada.

and the Short Place Name was:

                Sacred Heart Hosp., Sweetbriar, NV

then the Short Place Name information would print on the Pedigree Chart. 

This assumes that the Short Place Names option is selected for printing. The user will need to insure that the entry placed in the Short Place Name is not too long for the intended field.  If the Short Place Name is too long, it will truncate as before.


Further information about The Master Genealogist can be obtained from Wholly Genes, Inc., 5144 Flowertuft Ct, Columbia, MD  21075, on the TMG website <> or toll free at 1-877-TMG-FAMILY.   TMG Tech Support is available at 1-410-715-2260 or by e-mail at <>.  More help is available on the TMG Tips website <>.

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