This article appeared in the Mar/Apr 2001 issue of Everton's Genealogical Helper.

The Master Genealogist Tips

By Lee H. Hoffman


Creating Paragraphs in Narrative Reports.  Have you generated reports that have had some persons with very long narratives based on many different tags?  Have you wanted to break up those narratives into shorter paragraphs?  It is easy to do.  Just decide where you want a paragraph break to occur and (in the Person View) determine the first tag for that person that would follow the paragraph break, e.g., the tag having the Sentence that would start the next paragraph.  Open the Tag Entry Screen (double-click on the tag) and click on the Sentence button. In the edit window for the Sentence, ensure the cursor is at the beginning of the Sentence Structure field. Now select Codes=>Carriage Return from the top menu.  If you wish a blank line between paragraphs, do this a second time.   Each time you select this menu item, the code        “[:CR:]” for the carriage return character will be placed at the beginning of the Sentence Structure. Click on the OK button to save the change to the Sentence and then click on the OK button to exit the Tag Entry Screen.  Don’t add the codes at the end of a Sentence, as that will give some odd results.

Indenting Paragraphs in a Narrative Report. In addition to the paragraphing capability, you may wish to indent the paragraph.  This is like the carriage return code, except you would select the Tab character code “[:TAB:]” and it should be placed after any carriage return codes.

Custom Multibirth Tags. Do you have twins in your dataset?   You probably set the Multibirth Flag to show this for each twin (applies to other multi-births as well).  However, the Flag doesn’t print anything in a narrative report about the situation and you may want something there. Damon Floyd (a long time TMG user) decided to create a custom tag that will print the desired information.  The tag was created in the Other Tag Group with the Tag Label of TWIN.  He then entered a Tag Sentence like this:
      [P] <was|and [PO] were> twins

Then to use the tag, he would enter the ID# of each twin as either Principal #1 or Principal #2.  So if William Brown and his brother, Joseph were entered as Principal #1 and Principal #2, the sentence in a report would be something like:
     "William Brown and Joseph Brown were twins"
    "Joseph Brown and William Brown were twins"
depending on which was the main subject of the report or section of the report.

Now for situations where your multi-births of triplets or more, you can create custom tags for each such situations, such as Triplets, quadruplets, or

 whatever.  Again you would create the tag in the Other Tag Group.  In this case you would need to enter one or more of the multi-birth persons as Witnesses.  For example, for triplets, you would enter two as Principals and the third as a Witness.  You would make the Tag Sentence to be something like:
     [P], [PO], and [WO] were triplets
The Witness Sentence would be something like:
     [W], [P1], and [P2] were triplets

Adding a triplet by the name of James Brown as a Witness (with the other two as in the Twin tag above), reports would print the following sentences:
     "William Brown, Joseph Brown, and James Brown were triplets"
     "Joseph Brown, William Brown, and James Brown were triplets"
     “James Brown, William Brown, and Joseph Brown were triplets”
again depending on which triplet was the subject of the narrative or narrative section.

For quadruplets, the Tag Sentence would be:
     [P], [PO], [WO] were quadruplets

The Witness Sentence would be:
     [W], [P1], [P2], and [WO] were quadruplets

This would create sentence similar to those above.  If you need Custom Tags for multi-birth situations greater than quadruplet, you can do it based on the above examples.  You may need to work on the Tag and Witness Sentence a little bit in order to get the proper sentence for each multi-birth person.  This is especially so for those added as Witnesses. 



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