(Note: This was written for TMG v4.x)

Converting a UFT Dataset

To a TMG Data Set

By Teresa Elliott

First, I did some basic place cleanup, but most of my places that are in error come from the Repositories, and will be cleaned up automatically once I clean them  up. I have several places that are just "Photocopy in possession of author" that came from the fact that I had those words in a location field in UFT. Once I move that to the [PRESENT OWNER] Source Element field in my Master Source List (MSL), then clean up the repository, (which in most cases is Tennessee State Library and Archives) then the place "photocopy in possession of author" will disappear.

I then ran an Audit report.  I pick one option at a time, and set the option settings to a level where I knew it would catch some errors, say at 15 children.  I knew I have 3 men who have 20+ children, but figured any one else might be in error. UFT's reports like this took forever, so I figured that doing one option at a time was the best way.  Plus, I then knew what error I was supposed to be looking for. After each step, I corrected any mistakes it found.  I still have one woman that is going to require more research, since the only source of information I have has her born three years after her children.   (Note: TMG will generally process about 1,200 persons per minute for the Audit report depending on your system regardless of the number of options select. You may want to run the Audit report based on a Focus tab filter that consists of a smaller number of persons -- possibly a range of persons or by specifying the ID# of from one to eight persons which may or may not include their descendants and spouses).

After I corrected all that, I ran a List of Sources report with a Focus tab filter like:
        N of citations        Equals        0        END
This gave me a List of Sources that were not attached to any tags. My guess is that the links were somehow lost during the import process. (Probably because they weren't linked correctly in UFT).    I will need to re-enter these citations.  Each day, I work on editing my sources. Each evening I run a List of Repositories with a Focus tab filter like:
        N of sources         Equals        0        END
to get rid of any Repositories that aren't being used anymore (some of mine are just garbage, because they weren't in the field in UFT that TMG thought they should have been). 

For some reason some of my dates didn't import either.  They are in the sort field, but not the date field, so as I come to them I am double checking to see if this is a real date, or just a sort date. Also this is a good time to get rid of the Sort Dates that UFT required (e.g., "15 JUL 1885" ) by changing to just JUL 1885, or simply 1885 depending on the source.  (Note: this may slightly alter the sorting to something other than you want, so you will want to check it after editing the date).

Because I have a LOT of pictures and didn't want them stored internally, I have been working on getting them external. This will reduce the size of your backup .SQZ file, but you will have to back up pictures separately. My initial .SQZ file was over 50 MB. It is now 2.1 MB. If you like them internal, then you won't need to do this.

Then I ran a Check for Duplicate Persons from the Tools menu. Of all the ones listed, (I set the threshold at 50) only one pair  were actually duplicates. Merge any duplicates, and get rid of the extra people. You will need to delete any tags that are duplicated after you move citations and witnesses. Review a tag to ensure that you don't inadvertently discard data and copy any data to the tag to be retained.

As I go, if I find something that needs more research, or more data, then I set up a Research Log Task, using the repository in my keywords field. Then when I head to the library, I can do a search on Research Log Tasks with that library as a keyword, and know what I need to do once I get there.

From time to time, I run one-generation Descendants Journal Narrative reports just to see if everything is printing the way I want, and if not, I work on the sentence structure a little.  

The Master Genealogist for Windows is copyrighted by:  Wholly Genes, Inc., Columbia, MD 21044

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