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(Already included in TMG UK Edition v6.0 and later)

As noted above, these UK Source Types are already included in TMG UK Edition v6.0 and later.  Users of those versions may still benefit for reading the below and especially the accompanying instructions that are noted below.  Users of the regular US edition may wish to add these Custom UK Source Types for use with source documents found in the UK.

Some time ago, Caroline Gurney designed and used about 70 Custom Source Categories relating to source documents in the United Kingdom.  While these Custom Source Types were primarily for use in her data set, she graciously shared those with others.  Recently she has updated her Custom Source Categories/Source Types designed for use in the United Kingdom and added some other so that there are now 82 Custom UK Source Types.

Caroline continues to be gracious in sharing her Custom Source Types. She has furnished files that you may download for use with both TMG v4x and for TMGW v5x and after.  Both files also have accompanying instruction files to help you apply these Source Types to either version.  In addition to helping you install the Custom Source Types in your copy of TMG, the instructions also contain tips and suggestions about what information should be entered into some Source Elements that may not be obvious from the Source Element names.   

If you are using TMGW v4x, you will want to download these two files:
    (a) the new file of 82 custom source categories for TMG 4, called UKTMG4.CSC.
    (b) the accompanying instructions called "UK Source Template instructions TMG 4.rtf"

If you are using TMGW v5x, you will want to download these two files:
    (c) a backup of a TMG 4.0d dataset containing the 82 Source Types designed for import into TMG 5, called UKTMG4.SQZ
    (d) the accompanying instructions to import the backup into TMG 5 and the subsequent merger of the 2 datasets, "UK Source Template instructions TMG 5.rtf"

The above seems to have become somewhat dated since it was originally posted a few years ago.  I have combined some things and updated files for use with TMG v6x. So if you are using TMG (US Edition) v6x or later, you will want to download these two files:
    (e) a backup of a TMG v6.09 project containing the 82 Source Types designed to restore into TMG v6.09 and later, called UK Sources v6x.SQZ 
         (after downloading, please rename the file to UKSourcesv6x.SQZ so that TMG will recognize the file for restoring.
    (f) the accompanying instructions to restore the backup into TMG 6 and merging with your project and data set, UK Source Template Instructions TMG 6.rtf

NOTE:  Be sure to save these files with their file extensions of CSC, RTF, and/or SQZ.

If you are using TMG v7x, you want to follow this procedure:
     (g) Download this file (uk source types
             (1) The file be downloaded to any folder on your computer, but I suggest that you either:
             (2) Download to the  Export sub-folder under the TMG User Data folder, or
             (3) Download to any folder and then move the file to the Export sub-folder.
     (h)  Be sure the Rename the file above from uk source types to uk source types uk.xst as that is what the TMG Import process expects.
     (i)   Open TMG and select Tools=>Source Types from the Main Menu.
     (j)   Click on the [Import] button to display the Import window (which should open to the Export sub-folder).
     (k)   If you did not download the file to the Export sub-folder or move the file to it, then you need to navigate to the folder containing the downloaded file.
     (l)  Find the downloaded file and highlight it.
    (m)   Click on the [Open] button to change the Import window to the one asking if you are ready to import.
     (n)  At this point, you may choose to add a prefix to the Source Types as they are imported (very recommended -- you can always edit the prefix out).
     (o)  To add the prefix, click on the Add a prefix... option and enter the desired prefix (maybe UK ?). [TMG will add the prefix and a dash before the Source Type name].
     (p)  Now click on the [OK] button to import the Source Types.

If you do research in the United Kingdom (UK) these Custom Source Types will be very helpful.  On the other hand, even if you do not do any research in the UK, there is much that any TMG user can learn about Custom Source Types by reviewing Caroline Gurney's work.  

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