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Source Elements

(Note This was written for TMG v4.x.  There are minor changes for TMG v5x -- mostly additions.)

Click here to see the TMG v6.0 Source Element Groups and Source Elements

Source Category Templates are constructed using various Source Elements.   The Templates created by Wholly Genes are based on a style guide and created in this manner.  There are 29 Source Groups and more than 100 Source Elements.  A Source Group consists of one or more Source Elements.  One Source Element in each Source Group takes the name of the Source Group. All other Source Elements assigned to that Source Group are nothing more than other names (aliases or nicknames) of the one Source Element named for the Source Group. 

Because the Source Elements are really just different names for the same thing, only one Source Element from a Source Group may be used in any Source Category Templates.  These groups indicate their meanings and general similarity for use. But, you may assign other names (Source Elements) to a Source Group.  So although a Source Element in that group may be used in one Source Category, a different Source Element in the same Source Group (with a completely different meaning) may be used in another Source Category.

You may change a Template (which affects all Sources using that Source Type/Source Category) by highlighting a Source Type and clicking on the Template button in the Source Types screen. You may also change a Template in the System Configuration Screen (General tab) after clicking on the Configure button.

A Pattern may be modified for a single Source in the Output Forms tab of the Source Definition Screen  Click on the Full Footnote, Short Footnote or Bibliography button on the left of the screen.  You may edit the Pattern in the window that appears by adding, changing, or deleting the Source Elements as shown below (upper-case letters within square brackets).  If you have made changes and decide that you want to leave the Pattern as shown on the Template (i.e., the default), then just simply erase the entire Pattern and save the empty screen which then goes back to the default Pattern.

To add a Custom Source Element, you must be in the General tab of  a Source Definition Screen.  Then click on one of the data field name buttons in the lower part of the screen.  This will display the Source Elements window.  Click on the New button to display the Add/Edit Source Element window.  Enter the name of the new Source Element in the upper field.  Then in the lower field, highlight the desired Source Group in which you wish to place the new Source Element. Now click on the OK button to save the change and return to the Source Elements window.

The Source Element window is also used to select a desired Source Element for use (highlight the desired Source Element and click on the Select button).  You may also edit or delete a Source Element from this window (highlight the desired Source Element and click on the Edit or Delete button).  If you do wish to delete a Source Element, be sure that it is not referenced in some Source Category or Source as TMG will not allow the deletion of a Source Element that is being used.

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